BOSTON– The Massachusetts Legislature voted to pass and signed into law an act relative to Firefighter Cessation Program, a bill filed by State Senator Michael D. Brady (D-Brockton) and State Rep. Claire Cronin (D-Easton). Prior to this legislation, firefighters and police officers are terminated if they smoke tobacco products. Focusing on improving the health of our first responders, this program supplies an alternative program to termination for our first responders.

“It is our way of thanking the brave men and women who put their lives on the line on a daily basis ensuring our public safety by giving them a second chance,” said State Senator Michael D. Brady (D-Brockton).

“Quitting tobacco is the single most important thing anyone can do to improve their health. But due to the special hazards facing firefighters, quitting is even more important for our members. In order to protect our communities and protect our families, we must also protect ourselves. Thank you, Sen. Michael Brady and Rep. Claire Cronin for all your support on this legislation,” said Rich MacKinnon Jr., President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts.

This legislation ensures that the brave men and women of Massachusetts are allotted the second chance opportunity at preserving their health that they deserve. This legislation allows for first responders to enter into a smoking cessation program so that they may continue their career as a police officer or firefighter, any subsequent violation after the program will be cause for dismissal.