(BOSTON–07/30/2022) The Massachusetts State Senate on Friday passed legislation to ensure that all adoptees will have access to their original birth certificates. Under current state law, an adopted person born between July 17, 1974 and January 1, 2008 cannot access their original birth certificate without obtaining a court order that unseals their record. The legislation passed by the Senate would close this gap and allow adopted individuals over the age of 18 or the adoptive parents of a child under 18 to access the adoptee’s original birth certificate.

Individuals adopted before 1974 or after 2008 are already able to access their original birth certificates without going through the courts system. They can do so on their own once they turn 18, or earlier with the help of their adoptive parents.


“After talks with many people who have been searching for their identity whether for medical or personal reasons, it is apparent that we should not deny their access to medical information and life history simply because of when they were born. I recognize the hard work and perseverance of the Senate President and my Senate Collogues as we give another right to our people, remarked Senator Michael D. Brady (D-Brockton)