Today Governor Baker gave an important address updating the public on the critical Massachusetts Covid-19 Community Contact Tracing Collaborative.

Put simply the collaborative is made up of various public health officials and health partners, and is responsible for reaching out to individuals who may be infected with Covid-19 to ensure they have everything they need to self isolate. When making this call collaborative employees will also ask those who are infected who they have been in close contact with in the past few days. This is done to ensure that all of those who may be infected are given the opportunity to self-isolate, nipping the infection in the bud before it has the opportunity to spread.

The critical importance of these calls cannot be stressed enough. IF YOU RECEIVE A CALL FROM MA COVID TEAM, PLEASE ANSWER. The calls will be from an (833) or (857) area code and should read “MA COVID TEAM” on your Caller ID. In these calls you will not be asked for social security or health insurance information.

We are seeing positive trends due to the strict observation of social distancing guidelines, but the fight is not yet over. Through social distancing and this contact tracing program we can work together to over come COVID